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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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were doing. >> focusing on the middle class. president obama plans to deliver his state of the union speech tonight. what we have learned about his agenda and the major challenges he will be facing. >> terrifying chilling images of two japanese hostages held by isis. >> another day of extreme high tides. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. thank you for joining us. good morning. it is tuesday, january 20th i'm d.c. pam cook >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve you ready to give the forecast? >> i am. it's a foggy forecast for many. >> and a foggy voice. >> you should have heard me yesterday. >> i made him laugh. >> today is better. a lot of low clouds in place.
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a lot of fog too. airports on the bridges. i know sal will have more on that on the golden gate and bay bridge. a lot of high clouds over us so it is a cloudy morning. 40s on the temps. low 40s for some but these are much, much colder for some. 42 and 43. there is the valley fog. it's just now getting obscured by that. not only you have coast and bay and inland fog. a lot of clouds in the morning. some sun in the afternoon. we will go partly sunny to mostly sunny. highs a little cooler. mainly low 60s. sal any updates? we haven't had a lot of crashes. we've had a few. but the fog is the big story. we will start with 280 in san jose. 280 looks good. the fog is not really making too much of a crash here.
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too much of an issue here. the traffic is moving along realtively well. we do have a crash in the fog. i will tell you about that in a moment. 680 looks good. eastbound highway 4 near hercules. in fact let's move it over here. eastbound highway 4 just east of 80 in hercules there is an injury crash. paramedics through there. pretty foggy. we can't show it to you. but the traffic is going to be busy. you can see slow traffic building in this. now let's go back to the desk. new this morning a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit the central coast. the quake hit just about 40 minutes ago. so far no reports of any damage or injuries. but we will continue to check on that. time is 6:02. it's the time of year when we see the winter phenomenon
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called the king tide. forecasters say they could cause flooding in low lying areas. a man lurking around neighborhoods trying to break into homes. janine de la vega is joining us live now. you're in atherton. you're in one of the area where is this man was spotted. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, this is a neighborhood where multimillion dollar homes. they have very high walls. some of them have private driveways. but police say there have been reports of a man that has been scoping out these properties and entering. police say there have been thesis pervious. over the week police say man
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was walking around sutherland drive. when spotted by the homeowner the man left. entering a property and going into a pool house. officers did a search but couldn't locate him and last week police responded to reports that someone had entered a home on maple avenue and opened doors and windows. nothing appeared to be missing in that case. the man from the first top incidents is described as a 25- 31-year-old latino between 5'8"- 5'11" with a slim build. >> thank you. our time is 6:04. we do have an update on three suspicious fires in san francisco's castro district.
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trying to get extra police patrols out there now. they also want the help of an out reach counselor. they have seen an increase in the homeless population in the area recently. a mentally ill homeless man was arrested in the castro in 2012 after a series of fires. president obama will lay out a plan for middle class tax relief during his state of the union address later tonight. alex savidge is in our newsroom right now with the presidents priorities and challenges. >> reporter: pam, good morning, to you. this year the president facing a congress controlled by republicans and that almost mean an uphill climb to get his agenda passed. the president will unroll out an ambitious plan. more affordable mortgages and also tax cuts for working families. later tonight the president delivers his sixth state of the union speech. the president feeling confident with improving unemployment figures be that figure stands
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at 5.6%. gas prices are falling and his approval ratings are on the rise. his first six years in office have been dominated by the great recession. as the economy recovers, president obama says it is time to do more for working americans. the white house offered an online preview of his speech. >> i think over the next two years we have the opportunity to not simply continue the momentum that was built last year but to really capitalize on some of the long term trends that make america best position to take advantage of the 21st century. >> reporter: and to pay for his agenda, president obama proposes raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. he says that will bring in about $320 billion in revenue. but republican leaders call the president's plan a nonstarter and clear sign he's unwilling to work across party lines furring during his final two years in off the.
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iowa senator joni ernst will deliver the republican response. she is the freshman lawmaker and rising star in the gop. >> that will be interesting to hear that. thank you. also very interesting the father of a student at uc santa barbara will be among those in the audience at the state of the union address. richard martinez has traveled across the country calling for tougher gun control laws. his son christopher was shot last may by a gunman who later killed himself. martinez is atepidding the state of the union address. new you can watch the president's entire state of the union address with us right here on ktvu channel 2. our live coverage begins at 6:00 tonight. time is 6:07. japan's prime minister angerly vowing to save the lives of two japanese hostages held by isis who threaten to behead the
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hostages unless they get a $200 million ransom. a militant you see him there in the middle speaking in english with a prettyish accent threatened to kill the hostages. now japan's prime minister demanded the hostages be freed immediately but did not give an indication that ransom be paid. also happening today the two brothers accused in a brutal beating are due in court. the attack was all caught on cell phone video. brothers punched a 32-year-old man who tapped them on the should you are just to tell them a bathroom stall was available. that man suffered critical injuries, part of his skull had to be removed. the brothers are being charged with felony assault. jury selection on the trial
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for one of the worse masked shootings in u.s. history begins today. james holmes admitted to the july 2012 attack inside an aurora colorado movie theater that killed 12 people and injured 70 others. the jury will have to decide whether or not he was insane when he opened fire inside the theater. 250 potential jurors will be in court to answer questionnaires. the selection process is expected to take months. our time is 6:09. traffic on the san mateo bridge yesterday was stopped on purpose. coming up at 6:30 how these protestors got around chp cruisers that were meant to block them. controversial new devices being used by dozens of police departments. the radar that allows officers to see inside homes. >> good morning. we are looking at decent traffic here on 237. but what i'm trying to say is there is dense fog and visibility is low many many
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welcome back. the the united states begins negotiations on reopening the
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u.s. embassy in cuba. assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson will lead tomorrow's delegation in havana. a group of u.s. senators and congressmen are in cuba now. they met yesterday with the cuban foreign minister who told him his country is open to greater diplomatic and trade ties. new police radars are being used by several departments across the nation that allows officers to see inside homes. it's called ranger r. the radars were first designed forrous in iraq and -- for use in iraq and afghanistan. they allow officers to detect movement inside someone's home. however it doesn't show actual pecktures of what is happening inside. but the new devices are racing concerns about the extent of government surveillance since there has been no public disclosures that the devices are being used. the menlo park fire district is gearing up to train its teams on how to use camera
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equipped drones. this is a picture back in 2006. the district is hoping to use the drones for incidents like this. z cal fire investigating a small fire. it happened at the governors action in sacramento. it happened sunday afternoon. cal fire gave us these pictures from the state historic park downtown in sacramento. they say a park ranger discovered the fire after it was already out. a small metal hand cart with several exploded butane and propane tanks was also found. there was no major damage. the governors mansion by the way is closed right now for renovations. we are a couple weeks from the biggest game of the season and the league is investigating football. the nfl is looking into whether or not the new england patriots deflated football during the afc championship game on
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sunday. nfl rules stimulate footballs must be inflated between 12.5- 13 pounds of air. bill belichick says the team will cooperate with the investigation. we spoke to a local high school coach who says he doubts if the patriots coach had anything to do with letting the air out of a ball since an official handles them prior to every snap. >> he is just a great coach and done great things. and sometimes people get a little jealous of what they don't have. >> an under inflated ball would be easier to grip, throw, and catch. nfl rules say if an illegal ball is used, the head coach or team could be subject to discipline including a $25,000 fine. one of the new england patriots lineman saved his best play of the season for an off the field heroic moment. talking about vince. he was on his way home after sunday's game when he found a woman trapped inside a overturned car. he got there before police did.
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and with one hand he pulled that vehicle out of the -- he pulled that woman out of the vehicle. >> i didn't think about anything that was going on in my life at the time. my job like i say the only thing i thought about was seeing somebody was in there and getting them to safety. >> he sure did. one veteran police officer said he had never seen anything like that. the woman that was trapped she has been charged with drunk driving. right now it is 6:16. how does it look out there? there is a couple crashes. most of it is the fog ha we have out there. the fog is dense. steve and i have been following it. force it wouldn't surprise if
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it moved out here. let's two to the herb's area. highway 4 at 80. we had a crash reported there. the traffic is heavy but it's going the other way. i don't know if it has anything to do with the accident there. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up for 15-20 minute delay. the fog looks a little better. so if you are driving, make sure you leave extra time this morning. 6:17 let's go to steve in the weather center. we do have a log of fog out there. coast, bay, and inland. we do have to deal with that fog. there is higher clouds up above. almost very similar to what we had yesterday. so we do have cooler lows by about ten degrees on some. a cloudy morning. give way to partly sunny, mostly sunny afternoon.
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some of that fog is very slow to burn you have a livermore is down to 42 degrees. morgan hill 43. some upper 40s and low 50s in the santa cruz mountains. water temps may touch 60 degrees. monterey is close. it looks really warm by the coast which may be enough to get the water temps in the 60s which is unseasonally warm. they are already warm for this time of year. it may take awhile for some areas out toward brentwood, antioch, pittsburgh. rain line stays to the north. clouds and sun. no rain here. it's stay together north. another pattern are weather it looks -- if we don't get the
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rain around the 29th or the 30th, one of the driest januaries ever. 60s on the temps for many. and upper 50s or very low 60s. especially around brentwood and oakley and pittsburgh. a little bit warmer also from morgan hill and gilroy. santa cruz will goty. they are one of the few though. 60s low, mid, peninsula. fog will be with us wednesday and then clear it out and it looks like sunshine and warm temps on the weekend. >> all right. >> i'm looking that fog over your shoulder. >> down on the golden gate. >> yeah right over there. >> there it is. >> all right, steve. >> san mateo there you go. >> yeah all the bridges. pretty foggy. 6:19 is the time. a paddle border this is in southern california.
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sharing breathtaking video of his encounter with killer whales. rich was paddling off the shore of laguna beach when a maryland of five orcas swam up to him. one of the whales went directly underneath the paddle board. he did that twice. german says he was too excited to be scared. he also says she is sharing the video to raise awareness for these incredible, magical creatures. >> see the other people saying is he going to make it? >> yeah why don't you come over here. you do not see orcas in southern california very often. time is 6:20. who is going to win the super bowl? coming up in 22 minutes we'll tell you how a city's unemployment rate is factored into one local company's prediction about the super bowl. >> also coming up next swedish royals welcome two -- welcome to silicon valley.
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welcome back. it's 6:23. we can soon find out what the mystery substance is that is responsible for killing more than a dozen sea birds in alameda county. today a state lab is examing the dead birds to figure out what is killing them. so far more than 230 birds have been taken to the international bird rescue center in fairfield
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with this gray sticky substance. more than a dozen have died. the first birds were discovered on friday and every day since then volunteers have been finding more birds covered with the goo and many of them were already dead. google may be investing $1 billion in space x. they would put money into space x to make the internet more accessible through satellite. space x's founder has been looking for ways to expand the operations. a deal with google could help them achieve that. did you know royal families were visiting the bay area? silicon valley rolled out the red carpet for a couple of special guests. they want to learn more about nordic technology companies with ties to silicon valley. they were also the guests of honor at a private recession.
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>> even though sweden is a very small country, we are just nine million people compared to the size of california, we feel very valued and work together to move forward. >> sweden has joined with norway, denmark, finland and iceland to build a resource center to help nordic entrepreneurs. the princess and prince plan to visit stanford and facebook before they head home tomorrow. pope francis is laying out his travel plans for the rest of this year. the pontiff has just returned from rome to the philippines. he will travel to africa, and to the united states before the end of 2015. the pope plans to visit philadelphia for a conference in families in september. as well as new york city and washington, d.c.. there had been speculation that he would come to california when he makes father zaire ram a saint. but now he says he will do that while he is in washington, d.c.. time is 6:25.
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a freeway overpass collapses in ohio. the jobs construction workers were in the middle of when the bridge came crashing down killing one person. >> the king tides are back and so far they have created some dangerous conditions for boaters and fishermen. we'll explain why next.
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areas because of king tides. the cameras is pushing in. you are getting an idea of what is happening on the waters but king tides are a concern. coming up in two minutes, tara moriarty is already out there. she will tell us how these extreme high tides are already causing problems on the bay. stay tuned. good morning, thank you for joining us. ktvu channel 2 morning news. tuesday, january 20th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. almost 6:30. steve is here with the weather. it is going to get really hot this weekend. >> sure looks like it on parts of the coast. >> crazy. >> i know. crazy. a lot of fog though. before we get there we have to deal with fog. there is thick fog parts of the coast. right here. right outside the mother ship. you just step outside. >> stepped outside the door. it's moving in. >> at the airport, bridges. cooler lows that is for sure. mostly sunny and partically
6:30 am
cloudy by this afternoon. 40s and 50s. a couple upper 50s. livermore 42. 39 lake port. couple 30s. these are down a good ten degrees from yesterday. if you are in that fog upper 50s on the highs. if you can get that soon enough and then low enough. 50s and 60s on your temps. something the bay area drivers are used to. it seems to be getting a little bigger at -- better at the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:31 am
we've also been looking at the east bay commute and looking at 880 as you drive through. the fog was a little better than it was earlier. 880 does have a slow down. that will be a little farther down in the hayward area. you will see stop and go traffic. we can go to the maps. i can show you traffic is is slowing from 238 down torten necessary son. it's the time of the year where we see king tides. it has issued warning about flooding in some areas. also fire rescuers had to be called out to save boaters caught unaware when that tide went out. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us live. you're in foster city. tell us more about this and what is it is like out there. >> reporter: four boaters and fishermen got stranded out on the bay over the past couple of days. it's because they go out on the water during high tide and get
6:32 am
stuck when the low tide hits in mud. lath night two fishermen went out. they were wrong about their location. it turned out they were much further north on the east side of the bay. closer to coyote creek. >> reporter: sunday emergency crews pulled another two boaters to safety. so everyone is okay. but again it a good reminder this is not regular tide. king tide is the very highest tide. the good new this are predictable and today the high tide will peak around 11:00 we are told at nearly 7 feet.
6:33 am
live from foster city i'm tara moriarty back to you. >> all right we will talk to you later. thank you. time is 6:32. dozens of stanford students are expected back in class mismorning after being arrested yesterday for blocking the san mateo bridge for more than an hour right during the evening commute. they call themselves the stanford 68. they spent the holiday protesting against the recent killings of african american men. they road in cars out to the middle of the bridge and climbed out shortly before 5:00 last night and stood across the lanes blocking traffic. >> this is a call that ferguson put out and i think it's quite amazing that we are unified. >> the officers asked them to move over to the side so we could get traffic flowing. some did it willfully. others had to be moved by the officers. >> reporter: eventually a bus arrived to move the protestors off the bridge. it took them two hours to clear
6:34 am
all the lanes. all 68 protestors received this citation for obstructing entry and movement on public property. they were released about 8:30 last night and started making their way back to the stanford campus. black lives matter. that the message thousands of people were trying to send as they marched through the streets of oakland. protestors went to the fruitvale bart station and then the coliseum station that had to be shut down for a short period of time. they also linked their demonstration to recent protests. but not everyone is on board with the way some of the protests have been carried out. >> they just don't understand the difference. that's what i think. so they are doing it the wrong way. the windows and all of the you know as far as trashing stuff doesn't involve the problem.
6:35 am
your time is 6:34. president obama focusing on an improving economy tonight laid out a plan for middle class tax release. alex savidge is live in our newsroom thousand to tell us about the president's priorities and also his challenges. >> reporter: good morning, to you. his first six years in office they were dominated by the great recession but now as the economy begins to recover, they will do more for working americans. >> now that we have fought our way through the crisis, how do we make sure everybody in this country how do we make sure they are sharing in this growing economy? >> this year the white house offered that online preview of the president's sixth state of the union speech. it will be delivered later on tonight and he will address the congress now firmly in the hands of republicans. that means an uphill climb to
6:36 am
get his agenda passed. even though democrats lost control, the president is motivated by an improving jobs picture with unemployment at 5.6%. falling gas prices, and even his own approval ratings are on the rise. >> look for the president and democrats to say the words middle class over and over and over. they realize they're having trouble with middle class voters. did very badly with them. >> and to pay for his agenda, president obama proposed raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. including bumping up the capitol gains tax. that will bring in $320 billion in revenue. but republican leaders call the president's plan a nonstarter and a sign that he's unwilling to work across party lines during his last two years in
6:37 am
office. now following the state of the union speech tonight, iowa senator joni ernst will deliver the republican response and dave, party leaders are placing a great deal of trust in that freshman law make fresh iowa. he's been in office less than two weeks. >> less than two weeks. fascinating. you can watch the president's entire state of the union address right here on ktvu. our live coverage begins at 6:00 tonight here on channel 2. authorities are investigatorring the source of a bomb threat that forced the evacuation of two planes in new york city. one of the planes took off from san francisco international airport and an anonymous caller warn of the a pipe bomb shortly before it landed at jfk airport last night. passengers were told to evacuate while bomb sniffing dogs searched the plane. >> someone came out and said ladies and gentlemen there has ban bomb throat threat on the plane. we need to deplane. you can take nothing with you.
6:38 am
which was a very pit in the stomach moment. >> a coating flight to tel aviv with the same flight number was also evacuated and screened. no explosives were found on either of those planes. time is 6:37. terrifying new images. two more hostages held by isis. coming up in 20 minutes what the terrorists want in exchange for letting them go. >> and we're live in santa clara this morning where there actually is a team from the bay area headed to the super bowl but they won't be playing on the field. coming up we'll tell you what they will be doing instead. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is slow. we've had slow traffic on highway 4 earlier but we couldn't see it because of dense fog. >> and the dense fog isn't justify very areas in-- isn't just favoring areas inland. we'll have your tuesday forecast.
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welcome back. a bay area team is heading to the super bowl but they are not playing football. it's the team of organizers from santa clara that is preparing for super bowl 50 which will be played at levi stadium in santa clara. that is where brian flores is to explain what they will be doing in arizona for the next few days. brian. good morning, to you.
6:42 am
this time next year levi stadium will be abuzz with people from all over the country. because as you mentioned super bowl l will be played here. but before then a group of officials are headed to arizona to plan everything out because the minute that the super bowl ends in glendale, arizona the city of santa clara will have to plan for the super bowl here. the group that is going will include police and fire department, city hall officials, utility, building department as well as members of the valley transportation authority. they will be there as well. their main goal plan for the whole host of issues including security, building, planning, and transportation as thousands of people will be here in the region next year. right now there is a rush of activity in phoenix, arizona as the city prepares and welcomes tens of thousands of guests for this years big game. construction crews have a little more than a week to create what is being called the downtown campus. it is being -- it's going to feature a rock climbing wall,
6:43 am
sound stages,. plenty of musical acts will be performing there. several downtown buildings will be wrapped in new images. including a bank that turns into a giant replica of the lombardi trophy. this will cost around $52,000. most of that money will be paid for by private donations to the super bowl committee. the last time the super bowl was played here was in 1985 when pam cook was a student at ucla. >> yes, thank you, brian. [ laughter ] aging me. 6:43 is the time. san jose company predicting the sea hawks will take home the super bowl trophy this year for an unusual reason. rice smart is basing its prediction unemployment numbers. the jobless rate is 5.3%. and ride smart says guess what, in the last 25 years the team
6:44 am
in the area with more people working has won 20 times. the company president says it has to were than coincidence. food for thought as you start your day. a man in georgia he's got a beef with the police. he was pulled over and cited for eating while driving. his name is madison turner. pulled into a mcdonalds drive through one day last week, ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese. he had the burger in his hand, he drove off, and then pulled over by the police a couple of blocks away. turner knows georgia has a distracted driving law that says he wasn't doing anything behind the wheel that was not safe. >> not tweet organize skying or playing vid -- not tweeting, or skypeing or video games. just driving down the road and nashing. >> and now it is a national
6:45 am
story. turner told the police officerly put down the burger, keep both hands on the wheels if you let me go with a worn warning. that did not work. he still got hit with a citation but he is planning to fight it. >> there are a few people who eat while driving. >> sal does too. and so does tori. but you eat healthy. that is the thing. >> i try to. good morning, tori. what is coming up on mornings on 2? >> reporter: brittany spears is said to be devastated. an exboyfriend of hers was killed in afghanistan. what he was doing there and how he played an important role in the singers life. >> we know sitting too long can lead to early death. even if you work out intensely for an hour a day spending the rest of the day in a chair puts you at risk of declining health. we'll tell you what you can do
6:46 am
to remedy the situation. those are the stories we are working on for mornings on 2. now back to you. >> thank you tori. let's check in with sal. i can tell you one thing tori doesn't do she doesn't eat burgers in her car. >> no. but i do. >> i moe you do. do whatever just drive safely. you are going to be driving slow from pittsburgh to highway 242. it has been slow and the fog has been dense in some areas. it seems to be lifting. we've had a couple of minor things go on here. we do have very heavy traffic as you drive through. and just looking at the list here we had an accident on highway 4 in a different area. not effecting here. but it's very slow as you can see. let's move along and take a look at bay bridge toll plaza.
6:47 am
traffic here is okay. there are no major problems here. i do want to mention there is a crash southbound 680. doesn't sound major but look at the slow traffic here we have in hayward on 880 heading south. it's slow from 238 all the way down to fremont. today is not like everybody. it seems like everybody is back to work. let's go to steve. >> i drink coffee in the car. >> be careful. >> well you get up at 2:30, what are you going to be drinking? >> although this morning it was theraflu not coffee. [ laughter ] a lot of fog out there. and some areas in san francisco dealing with the fog on the bridge. at the airport. cloudy this morning. house of yen tweeted me. house of yen. just cloudy down there. that will clear and get mostly sunny skies. some areas might have to deal with this fog. fog tomorrow but no high clouds. and this week no rain and looks
6:48 am
warm this weekend. very, very warm. in fact, maybe about 75-80. fog at the airport and bridges. cooler lows this morning. 40s mostly sunny. partly cloudy afternoon. the visibility can be awful. that is reports of drizzle. but a little misty at times. coast and inland thick fog, 40s. fog on the bridges. and at the airport as well. you can see all the cloud cover over us. it's a cloudy morning. some areas have the high clouds and lower clouds as well. it looks like another two hours. most of that should be east of us. low 40s here. santa rosa is in there. a couple of low 50s. yesterday was almost all 50th. we were a good ten degrees warmer. upper 40s antioch and brentwood which was 41 yesterday. 47 and 48. 42 alamo. and also around san ramon and danville. a little bit of an easterly breeze san francisco or a northwest or a north. there is a slight puff of a breeze and generally favors an area that is northwest or east. clears out that cloud deck once
6:49 am
that moves out of the picture. 20s in the mountains. 38 up in ukiah. san diego a balmy 57 degrees. over all we will have that fog in the valley. i think the higher clouds won't be. we will get the sun earlier tomorrow. today might take awhile. no rain. don't see anything until the end of the month. that looks very weak. clouds, sunny. for most. patchy fog. some of that is very, very thick. afternoon sun for a few. some areas just can't get through that fog bank. eastern solano parts of contra costa county. upper 60s and low to mid -- south bay, santa clara valley. not much change on the peninsula. palo alto 63. and then we warm it up thursday. boy does it get really warm for january. sunday looks to be the warmest day. >> the fog we are getting is it moving around? >> it is moving around. wii had lots of reports about
6:50 am
that. speaking of weather. the ski season started off strong. november and december came in with big storms but so far january as we know has been bone dry. that is definitely effecting the snow conditions around lake tahoe. donor ski ranch announced it has to close this week because of a lack of snow. >> you see brown everywhere. yeah it's sad. >> you can basically be riding your mom bike and golfing up here. that is just how bad mother nature has been in the sierra this year. >> it's like spring conditions. pull out the rock skis. many posted signs at ticket windows and chair lifts warning skiers and snow borders to stay on the trails and be on the lookout for dirt and rocks. >> they need you up at sugar bowl. >> yeah it was icy even new years when i went up there. time is 6:50. he is 325 pounds of good luck. coming up in 25 minutes, how a super bowl bound defensive lineman rescued a crash victim
6:51 am
and he juiced just one hand. >> coming up next renting out a room on air b & b is about to under go a dramatic change.
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welcome back to the morning news. time is 6:53. investigators here in cincinnati they want to know what went wrong.
6:54 am
an overpass collapsed last night and construction worker was killed. overpass was in the process of being demolished when hit collapsed late last night. several hundred tons of concrete fell on to the road. a tractor trailer was also damaged. the driver of the tractor trailer was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to survive. in washington senate minority leader harry reed is expected to be back to work after he was badly hurt in an exercise accident. he is 75 years old and the washington post says a nevada democrat is still being closely watched by doctors. he suffered broken ribs and broke several bones around his right eye last month. while he was exercising at home. now he is going back to work today but his senior said as he is not expected to be at tonight's state of the union address. nearly 1,000 people marched in san francisco in memory of
6:55 am
dr. martin luther king junior. they joined others that had ridden the freedom train to san jose. to walk the half a mile. where they celebrated the history of the civil rights movement. parents say it's a good way to have their children hemp about dr. king. >> he helped black people vote. he gave a speech about how he wanted change. >> we need to learn how to embrace the young folks and bring them in. yes they need guidance but we don't need to lead the way anymore. a movie theater in richmond became a special classroom. more than 300 students went to
6:56 am
the -- that led to the signing of the voting rights act. which is considered one of the most powerful victories of the civil rights movement. after seeing the movie, the students said it made them feel like they were part of the events from 50 years ago. >> i knew it was bad but i didn't know it was that bad. >> it's a nonviolent movement. >> african american business leaders raised more than $2 million so sunts around the nation could see the movie selma without having to pay for a ticket. a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in san francisco today for a new resource and learning center for veterans. it's located on the fifth floor of the city's main library. the $1.7 million center features a new computer classroom with state of the art equipment. veterans will be able to get one on one tutoring and have access to state and local
6:57 am
programs that can help them and their family. the ribbon cutting is at 11:00 this morning. time is 6:56. people who live in san francisco and rent out their homes to travelers using air b & b you have until the first of next month to register with the city. but don't expect to sign up online. san francisco requires those hosts to register with the planning department in person. that is because you have to show proof you are a permanent residence of the city and you have lived at your current address at least two months. you also have to pay a $50 fee and sign an affidavit saying you will comply with all time limits. uber is going public with some of its financial numbers. they say they have a bigger market share in san francisco than all of the taxicab companies combine preponderance it's on pace to earn $1.5 billion in the bay area. and expects to triple the amount of rides prom sided from
6:58 am
last year. uber ceo says it's growing even faster in new york city and london. coming up next details of an earthquake that rocked part of monterey county. >> also a warning for boaters -- why extremely high tides are to blame. ♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid♪ ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world♪
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welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers visit or call your travel agent.
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the national weather service has -- the national weather service has issued a warning about excessively high tides called king tide. we'll tell you how they are already causing problems and why people had to be rescued. islamic state terrorists, once again, threaten to behead hostages in a new video. the international response to this latest video. and president obama preparing to deliver his state of the union address on capitol hill. we're live along the


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